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Ali is the general organiser of all things Funny Wonders. She was one of the first ever youth members way back when it was a Saturday morning make-things-round-the-table-at-Chris-and-Doug’s-house set-up. Since then she has delved in and out around school, university, working and travelling seeing Funny Wonders grow. Her involvement stepped up a notch for ‘The Silk Road’ production in 2008 and since, she has managed projects, became a Director of the company in 2009 and Artistic Director in 2017. Ali studied earth science at university and has a doctorate from the University of Manchester. She now has a number of part-time jobs in Buxton including tour guide, netball coach and administrator.

Artistic Director & Project Manager

Ali Quas-Cohen

Sandra is an accountant. As Financial Director, her role is to establish and supervise all matters relating to finance. This includes monitoring expenditure and supporting project leaders to manage their budgets. She has been involved with Funny Wonders since the days of the voluntary group in 2000. She has watched it grow from being a small entity to where it is today. She is also a support worker behind-the-scenes and is looking forward to all the great potential we have bringing life to many. She became Chair of the Board in 2017.

Financial Director & Chair of the Board

Sandra Worsley

Anna is a mum to three girls, a school nurse and a paediatric nurse. Her involvement with Funny Wonders began with the inception of the voluntary organisation in 2000, which was set up in order to be able to raise funding for a gigantic elephant project called M.A.S.S.I.V.E.. Anna has previously run a Puppet Club at Buxton Infants School and been part of the Changing Faces team. She is now devising new projects for schools and continues to be involved projects in whatever capacity her other commitments allow.

Wellbeing Director

Anna Watson

Laurie has mostly listened to his mum talk about Funny Wonders and has spent a lot of his previous life being dragged around various Funny Wonders events(!) and every now and again gets to be a musician/part time technician. He has graduated from Salford University after studying music and is now a full time musician running workshops, playing in bands, giving private lessons and working with Funny Wonders – his own choice! Laurie is our Musical Director and with Liam Morson, has devised the Recycled Instrument Workshop building instruments from junk and rubbish. His hopes for the future are to continue playing as much music as possible and to be able to feed himself whilst doing it. He is now a drumming teacher based in Manchester.

Musical Director

Laurie Agnew

Marcus is an award-winning artist, actor, puppeteer and writer. His TV puppeteering career began with Jim Henson's 'Puppeteering for Television Workshop' in the mid 80's. In 1989, he set up his own company, ‘Hands Up Puppets and since has been involved with over 70 children¹s TV Series. He has also performed live with Jim Henson’s Company in the improv puppet show ‘Puppet Up!’ and at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His Educational work encompasses lecturing to universities about TV puppetry and teaching in mainstream and SEN schools and he has also taught and made Films with children in secure accommodation.  Marcus is a Director of Funny Wonders offering a wealth of experience and advice.


Marcus Clarke

Who's Who

The Board of Directors
Other Practitioners

Jason is an electrical and sound engineer. He first got involved with Funny Wonders by doing our PAT testing for a packet of biscuits. Since he has been involved in projects both technically providing electronic support and as a musician during our community and school workshops.

Technical Support, Musician

Jason Lewis

Kate is a performance and acting coach. She joined us in early 2020 to support our Changing Faces project.

Workshop Support Worker

Kate Marlow

Dan is a careworker and part of the Agnew-Watson clan. He helps support projects when and where he can and is a regular at Carnival.

Workshop Support Worker

Dan Watson

Sarah is an actress and works in schools as a drama practitioner. She first got involved with Funny Wonders for the 2016 Buxton Carnival in our rollercoaster ride(!) and is now part of our team working in schools and other community projects.

Workshop Practitioner

Sarah Gordon

Liam is a full-time musician and school-friend of Laurie who has been involved with Funny Wonders since 2007 playing in the house band “Shadowhouse” accompanying our summer youth productions. Liam graduated from the University of Birmingham and is involved with developing our musical workshops and accompanying our shadow puppet theatre productions in schools.


Liam Morson
Our Volunteers

Viv first got involved with Funny Wonders for the 2016 Buxton Carnival in our rollercoaster ride!

Workshop Support Volunteer

Viv Mariott

Beth acts as our Safeguarding Advisor should any issues arise. Professionally, she was a social worker and worked on the Derbyshire Child Safeguarding Board.

Safeguarding Advisor

Beth Webb
Past Team Members

Joel joined us to support Changing Faces workshops in 2019.

Workshop Support Volunteer

Joel Woodruff

Sarah-May helped at some of our Changing Faces workshops in 2017.

Workshop Support Volunteer

Sarah-May Matthews

Stafani helped at community workshops and events in 2017.

Workshop Support Volunteer

Stafani Barton

Lorraine helped Anna run the Buxton Infants School Puppet Club and helped in the carnival parades. Lorraine sadly passed away in 2020.


Lorraine Butcher

Lysbeth is an artist from Marple. She first got involved with Funny Wonders in 2013 and helps us with our community events.


Lysbeth Black

Charlie was involved with Funny Wonders between the ages of eleven and eighteen being a member of the Youth Group and then a volunteer.


Charlie Denton

Caroline joined Funny Wonders in 2013 helping out with the P.O.P.P.I.T. project, carnival and the Buxton Puppet Festival.


Caroline Keightley

Charlotte was  involved for many years attending workshops and working with the Youth Group. She became part of our team working in schools in 2012.

Workshop Leader, Artist

Charlotte Emily

Chris founded Funny Wonders. Sadly she passed away in June 2012. Please see our dedication page to Chris here.

Co-founder, Director

Chris Agnew

Aya, a theatre artist specialising in puppetry, masks and scenic design, helped to deliver youth projects between 2009 and 2011.

Workshop Leader, Artist

Aya Nakamura

Karen helped run the Youth Group in 2010 and 2011.

Youth Group Support Volunteer

Karen Millward

Angie ran workshops for many years with Funny Wonders but then emigrated to Australia! Boo!

Workshop Leader

Angela Pearson

As an Agnew, Kieran was inevitably a Funny Wonderer as a kid. He performed in Sinbad and was part of our 'Shadowhouse' band in 2008. 


Kieran Agnew

Carol was one of the first Directors of Funny Wonders Inc.. Her advice, experience and guidance was irreplaceable.


Carol Taylor-Bruce

Corinne worked with the Youth Group in 2009 on 'The Owl and the Pussycat' Showcase and helped with script writing, acting and physical theatre.

Workshop Leader

Corinne Howard

Ruby was involved with Funny Wonders throughout the 00's leading musical and textile workshops.

Workshop Leader

Ruby Moon

Jon was the first Chair of Funny Wonders Inc. and was instrumental in creating the Community Interest Company in 2008-2009.

Chair of the Board

Jon Taylor

Lucy was part of the group who travelled to Sapporo and she helped with the technical side of 'The Silk Road' production.

Technical Support

Lucy Hill

Tricia worked with the Youth Group for 'The Silk Road' production exploring movement and dance choreography.

Workshop Leader

Tricia Durdey

Al was involved in many projects with Funny Wonders between 2007 and 2009.


Alan Hindle


The Amazing Laura Danzi joined us in spring and summer 2019 supporting the Changing Faces project 2019 and Flowerpot Project 2019.

Workshop Support Volunteer

Laura Danzi


Hilary first got involved with Funny Wonders during summer 2014 helping with Carnival and then the Christmas Light Installations in Poole's Cavern.


Hilary Gresham


Yvonne is a local artist who got involved in Funny Wonders activities in 2013.


Yvonne Noworytu


Doug was a visual artist and art teacher. Sadly Doug passed away in 2016. Please see our page in dedication here.

Co-founder, Chair, Director

Doug Agnew


Waggy joined us for the trip to Sapporo in 2007. He became the chairman of the Youth Group during 2008 and 2009 and went on to become a Director.

Director, Youth Group Chair

Mark Wagstaffe


Amy is a local artist and joined the Funny Wonders Team in 2011 to develop and deliver various workshops to take into schools.

Workshop Leader, Artist

Amy Whelan


Emily helped out at our Puppet Club and help develop the Early Years products with Amy Whelan.

Workshop Support Volunteer

Emily Smedley


Jill joined us in 2010 to help with our Youth Group activities.

Project Manager

Jill Forest


Neil had various roles with Funny Wonders including promotional material design, networking, IT Officer, photographer and youth group helper.

Marketing, Director

Neil Scowcroft


Chika first got involved in 2009 supporting the youth group and exchange with Yamabiko-Za. She continued to help in 2010.

Support Worker

Chika Woodward


Dan was the bass player in Funny Wonders band 'Shadow House' in 2008 and 2009. He also designed incarnations of the Funny Wonders website.

Musician, Website Support

Daniel Doyle


Chantelle worked with the Youth Group in 2009 focusing on ensuring each participant was included and involved on a level they were comfortable with.

Participation Officer

Chantelle Ross


Michael worked with the Youth Group in 2009 supporting the light and sound requirements of the productions.

Technical Support

Michael Clement


Christine first became involved with the voluntary organisation and helped transition to an incorporated company. She also helped with the Youth Group.


Christine House


Nori worked with Funny Wonders between 2004 and 2011 developing the cultural exchange programme with Sapporo and Buxton Puppetry Festival.


Nori Sawa


Jim worked with the Youth Group in 2008 exploring movement and music and has led many puppet parades with the Samba Band.

Workshop Leader, Musician

Jim Lampard


Nenagh worked on the 2008 production of 'The Silk Road' helping the youth group learn about puppet manipulation and performance.


Nenagh Watson


Gill was involved in many projects with Funny Wonders between 2007 and 2009.


Gill Hindle


Maxi was Chair of the Funny Wonders voluntary group for several years and helped organise several of our early projects.

Voluntary Group Chair

Maxi Robinson

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