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Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2020

In 2019, we officially took over the Buxton Flowerpot Project from the Buxton Town Team, having previously supported their workshops and promotion. The project came about through their Buxton in Bloom competition having a 'Best Flowerpot Person' category. As this is all about re-using materials, making something and them often being funny, it is something we wanted to keep going. See our 2019 project here.

We planned some changes for 2020 but with the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to make further changes.

To help brighten up the day of those still out and about – key workers, community volunteers and households out on their daily exercise opportunity – we want to still run the project.


So, all households in Buxton, to bring a smile to anyone walking by, please create a flowerpot person and display it in your front yard/garden/doorstep/window/gate from now until August.


Have a rummage through your sheds, garages, gardens, activity rooms and recycling and see what resources you can find… hopefully you have some old flowerpots somewhere.


In the least, the equipment and resources you need are:

  • string/twine

  • scissors

  • flowerpots (or other previously used, plastic-based containers)


Plus decorating materials – this could just be a felt tip pen to draw a face but you may be able to find some old bits and bobs round the house, along with some glue.


If you’ve never made a flowerpot person before, have no fear – they are just knots in string. So if you can tie your shoelaces, you can make a flowerpot person. See some instructions below to make a basic flowerpot person, but you’re free to experiment and make them however you can.


If you can, try to make them reflect the experience of self-isolation – one of the activities you’ve started doing or how you are feeling.

You can also download the below poster to put up near your flowerpot person to help promote the project.

There is more information below. If you have any questions, please get in touch - email

Any posts on social media, please use #BuxtonFlowerpotTrail

Buxton Flowerpot Project 2020
Buxton Flowerpot Project 2020
How to make a flowerpot person
Buxton Flowerpot Project Map


We will produce a first electronic flowerpot location map for the start of May so can you see where else they are located locally to you. Obviously, please maintain the latest social distancing guidance.


Let us know the location of your creation by emailing As (hopefully) more households get involved, we can update the map.

Flowerpot Creation Photos


Also, please send in pictures of your flowerpot creations for our photo album on our Facebook page for those not able to leave the house at this time - click here to view it. If you're not on Facebook, we will add images to this page in the near future.



We are able to run the Buxton Flowerpot Trail project this year thanks to generous donations from the High Peak Borough Council’s Councillor’s Initiative Fund, Derbyshire County Council and Tarmac with particular thanks to local councillors, Linda Grooby, Jean Todd and Matt Stone, for their help and support.

Get Involved


Anyone wanting to get involved with the project, helping to promote, please get in touch – email

Have you made a flowerpot person? Send us a picture or post it on social media using the hashtag #BuxtonFlowerpotTrail.

Email us: hello@


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