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Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2021

In 2019, we officially took over the Buxton flowerpot project from the Buxton Town Team, having previously supported their workshops and promotion. The project came about through their Buxton in Bloom competition having a 'Best Flowerpot Person' category. As this is all about re-using materials, making something and them often being funny, it is something we wanted to keep going.

After the changes made in 2020 for the COVID-19 pandemic, we return to the usual July-August timescale.


Making workshops, where you can pick up pots will be confirmed in due course (they're generally in May) but you can make your own at home...


Flowerpot creations are simple to make - they are just knots in string- and, in the least, only require:

  • string/twine

  • scissors

  • flowerpots (or other previously used, plastic-based containers)

  • decorating materials – this could just be a felt tip pen to draw a face but you may be able to find some old bits and bobs round the house, along with some glue.


If your a first-timer, see our making instructions below to make a basic flowerpot person and our making videos on the general project page here, but there isn't really a right way or a wrong way. They can look however you want, it just takes a bit of trial-and-error and forward thinking, and they don't have to be people - you can make animals, aliens, objects or sculptures.

How to make a flowerpot person
Flowerpot Creation Photos


Send in pictures of your flowerpot creations for our photo album on Facebook for those who were not able to see the creations in Buxton.

Buxton Flowerpot Trail Map

For those who want to feature on the flowerpot trail map, email your creations' location to by Sunday 27 June.

We will produce a printed version of the trail map which will be available around the town (locations tbc). An electronic version will also be available if you want to go paper-free.

We had over 40 dots on the maps last year. Will we beat it this year?


We are able to run the Buxton Flowerpot Trail project this year thanks to a Derbyshire County Council Action Grant.

Get Involved

Anyone wanting to get involved with the project this year, helping to promote or volunteering at our workshops, please get in touch – email

Have you made a flowerpot person or enjoyed the trail? Let us know, send us a message or post it on social media using the hashtag #BuxtonFlowerpotTrail.


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